Bye-Bye Bias: Practice Fair Hiring

Long-term unemployment continues to vex us. And even though the numbers have thinned after peaking in 2010, it lingers on. One academic study from the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that job applicants who have been unemployed for six months get 45 percent fewer callbacks than people out of work for just one month. Diminished skill sets and lack of job training are among the reasons given for tossing their resumes into the circular file. It’s simple. The longer people are unemployed, the less attractive (more…)

Sales Onboarding – 9 Reasons Why Every Company Needs It (Guest Post)

“Hire Right, Higher Profits” by Lee Salz (guest blog author). Find it at There’s a lot of buzz today around sales onboarding and sales enablement. You may be wondering if sales onboarding (the development program designed to get your new salespeople up to speed fast) should be on your executive team’s priority list of corporate initiatives. Here are nine reasons why it should be high on the list. 1. Investment protection. When companies hire salespeople, they are making a significant revenue investment. Onboarding, not only protects (more…) Featured in

Special thanks to our friends over at for a great piece on the problems with reference checking and the overall talent selection process and how can help solve them.

The Keys to Avoiding a Bad Reference Check

On paper, and then in person, he was the perfect candidate. However, after doing a little reference checking, Mr. Right, just turned into Mr. Wrong. What happened? How could your gut instincts and professional acumen been so far off base? Well, there are certain intangible factors that are difficult to determine from a handshake, smile, resume scan, or in-depth interview. And references can dial it in. One-of-a-kind Data Shares the Inside Scoop Are you an employer who is curious about why good candidates get bad references? Are (more…)

Heat Up Your College Hiring this Summer

Now that graduation time has come and gone, it may be time to ramp up your hiring practices and scoop up some of that fresh and eager talent. But how do you know who’s the best fit? Their resumes may be short, but they could be long on potential. Predictive data can help you to quickly – and accurately – sort it all out. What do Employers Want? A recently-released survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reported that college graduates should have an (more…)

General Motors Co. Flawed Culture Can Kill – Don’t let it Happen to You

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A flawed culture can literally kill people as recently demonstrated by General Motors (GM) Co.   The ignition recall crisis is at the heart of the matter. The defects led to the deaths of at least 13 people as reported in a 325-page report presented by attorney, Anton Valukas. And, while the report spares those at the top, it does expose the fact that lower-ranking employees acted without communicating to senior leaders. As a result, 15 employees have been let go, while another five have been (more…)

Lessons Learned: HR Tech Leaders Speak Out

Common hiring mistakes. We know what many of them are, but what can be done about them? We talked with a few HR technology leaders to ask them about their tackling techniques and here’s what they had to say. Deep Six the “Muda” A self-described recovering recruiter, Joel Passen, co-founder, Newton Software, a technology company that develops popular, cloud-based recruiting solutions for small and medium-sized employers, has always been interested in the intersection of technology and talent. He says that the greatest hiring mistakes he sees companies make (more…)

Big Data Meets Little Data

Big data – it’s the latest buzz phrase. But, little data is the real key to hiring success. Little data makes big data more powerful. Collecting discreet data points on each candidate at each step is what really matters. Let’s first define big data. It’s the sum of its parts. In a nutshell, data is aggregated from multiples sources and then studied for patterns. It allows businesses to do more targeted marketing, improve customer service and more. In contrast, little data focuses on the parts within the (more…)

How Data Driven Cloud Technology is Affecting HR

Great new video post on ZDNet with GroupM’s Michael Wright on how data-driven cloud technologies are affecting HR. Definitely worth a watch from one of the most innovative talent acquisition pro’s out there.

Product Update: Announces ChequedAttract™

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ChequedAttract™ candidate-sourcing module (formerly know as ChequedSourcing™ introduces first-of-its-kind Hire Readiness Indicator™ to you identify and hire hard-to-find talent In our continuing mission of helping you use predictive data to identify and selection the best talent, we are pleased to announce the release of ChequedAttract™. Formerly known as ChequedSourcing™, ChequedAttract™ builds on our proprietary technology that integrates behavioral science with innovative software to enable data-driven assessment of job applicants. This new module allows references of current job candidates to opt-in for information about a company’s employment (more…)