No Bad Hires

No Bad Hires

Our goal is to eliminate bad hires. Zero. None.

  • Bad hires hurt companies, increasing costs and sinking morale.
  • Bad hires hurt people, raising stress levels and lowering bank balances.
  • Bad hires hurt societies. Unemployment, lack of healthcare benefits, and home foreclosures hit communities throughout the world.

There is No Reason to Make a Bad Hire

With the hiring technology and knowledge available today, there is no reason for any company to make a bad hire. Ever. Think of your last bad hire. Did you know it before you made it? Most likely, down deep, yes. Think of your last bad job? Were you shocked by it or did you have a sense? Most likely you knew it but hoped it would work out.

You’re not alone. Over USD $650 Billion in payroll is disrupted annually in the U.S. alone. Worldwide it’s deep into the trillions.

Are we claiming there should be zero turnover? No. People change and companies change.

Does it mean the elimination of bad job/employee fit? Yes.

Sloppiness, unreliable systems, and poorly designed hiring processes lead to bad hires in an organization. Accepting the first offer as if it’s the last often results in a bad hire for the candidate.


Set the Goal Today

Join us in our goal. Here is what you can do …

  • Set the goal at your company. No bad hires. Ever.
  • Raise the standards and educate your team to no longer accept bad hires. Ever.
  • Review your systems and process. What’s subjective? Make it objective. What’s sloppy? Tighten it. Who doesn’t take it seriously? Remove them from the process immediately.

Are you a candidate or do you know a candidate? Here is what you can do …

  • Breathe. Remember this will NOT be your only offer. Remove the limitations and demand more for yourself and your family.
  • Come prepared. Really research the company, its culture and its people. Ask the hard questions you’re afraid to ask when in an interview.
  • Ask your family and friends for an honest assessment of your fit. Does the job and culture fit? Get the outside perspective.
  • Coach a friend. Know deep down that a job is not right for someone? Coach them to keep going and not to settle.