10 Things that Can Go Wrong on a First Day

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Business ProfessionalsSo, you’ve hired someone who you think is perfect for that job opening. Now comes the real fun and it starts with day one. Here are just a few behaviors that your new hire could display along with things you can do to help them have that perfect first day.

1) Fashion faux pas. Dressing inappropriately is an easy one to avoid. Make sure your company dress code is well communicated.

2) Say, what? Not paying attention is not an option. It costs time and money to get this new person on board, don’t lose them now. Make sure they are engaged from day one with a robust onboarding program.

3) Not asking for clarification. You can’t expect the new kid on the block to be an expert from the get-go. Encourage questions and create an open environment. By clearly defining what is expected of this new person, you’ll be able to maximize their and your time efficiently and help them to meet or even exceed your work expectations.

4) Not handling mistakes properly. Everyone makes mistakes. Make sure that your protocol is clear and to the point. No one likes to feel unsure about things like who to report to.

5) Late comers. While showing up on time should be a given, things do happen. Communicate. Make sure the new hire understands company culture. Your company may be open and flexible, but you need to draw a line.

6) Tech rudeness. Many companies allow employees to have personal cell phones. Of course, your new hire should not be texting their way through the day. Again, clear communication about company policy during onboarding is the key.

7) Boisterous boasting. Talking about past jobs and successes on a new job is never a good idea. Politely let the person know, you appreciate their accomplishments, but it’s time to focus on something new.

8) Thanks, but no thanks. New hires will likely get invitations to lunch and other get-togethers. If they are turning down these invites, encourage them to get involved. It’s important for them to meet colleagues and get a feel for co-workers outside of the office.

9) Trying too hard. Enthusiasm is always a good thing, but you don’t want your new hire to be too stressed on the first day. Communicate that you appreciate their joie de vivre, but let them know it’s okay to relax and observe a bit too.

10) Engaging in gossip. No one likes a tattletale. While it may be tempting for a new hire to jump into a conversation at the water cooler, nip it in the bud before it blossoms.

It’s clear that the best way to help new hires avoid first day faux pas is to have a plan. Get some onboarding tips with: All Aboard, Overcome Onboarding Challenges.

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