Employee Screening in a Candidate-Heavy Market

Today, we continue looking at the steps you can take to make hiring and employee selection easier when the resumes are coming in fast and furious…  Here’s the previous post: Step #1: Define your Target.

Step #2: Attract That Ideal Candidate

Your company has a lot to offer the ideal candidate. Make sure she knows that by focusing on your brand promise.

The way you describe your company in job postings and on the careers section of your website should play up what your best people love about working at your company.

Your managers should also thoroughly understand what about your company appeals to current employees who are high performers. Being clear about these characteristics of your company’s culture enables them to more easily recognize candidates who will be a good fit—and those who won’t.

A company that adheres to and fulfills its brand promise in recruiting efforts will find unfit candidates are dissuaded from applying and ideal candidates are eager to speak with you. Providing information that allows ideal candidates to self-select is another time-saver for your hiring mangers.

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