Employee Selection in a Candidate-Heavy Market – Step # 1

Unemployment is still stubbornly high, but you already know that doesn’t really make recruiters’ jobs any easier.

In today’s blog posting, we’ll look at the first step to minimizing unnecessary effort and maximizing the quality of your hires when you’re dealing with a large candidate pool. Stay tuned for steps 2 to 5 in the coming days….

Step #1: Define Your Target

Getting clear on the ideal candidate for each job saves time and recruiting resources by allowing companies to focus their energies most effectively. The goal is to spend more time on people who are likely to be high performers—and no time on people who don’t fit the position.

You can reach that goal by creating an ideal candidate profile. Consider the intellect, personality and cultural fit of someone who embodies the kind of top performer you’d like to hire. Ask others in your company to do the same analysis and compare your insights

And here’s where it gets really interesting…

The beauty of doing this analysis in the age of web-based technologies is that now you can automaticallycompare this ideal candidate profile to each person who applies for your open job.

Imagine being able to automatically toss the bottom 80% of the hundreds of resumes you’ve received and keep only the top 20%. That’s how it works when each candidate applies online and completes a questionnaire that reveals his intellect, personality and cultural fit to your company—before you ever talk to him.

Check back with the Chequed blog in the next few days when we’ll talk about step #2 in taking advantage of a candidate-heavy market.

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