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While LinkedIn is the dominant work horse when it comes to social media recruiting, Facebook is not far behind. In fact, according to an online social media survey by Jobvite, Facebook shows strength in both top-of-the-funnel activities like generating employee brand awareness and bottom-of-the funnel activities like vetting candidates pre- and post-interviews.

Jobvite, a recruiting platform that delivers real-time recruiting intelligence with innovative technology for the evolving social web, released some interesting stats from a survey conducted in June 2013. The respondents included 1,600 recruiting and human resource professionals. Here are some of the key highlights related to Facebook:

  • 65% of Facebook users showcase employer brand
  • 51% generate employee referrals
  • 48% post jobs
  • 35% vet candidates post-interview
  • 31% vet candidates pre-interview
  • 24% have hired through Facebook

So, what key information are hiring managers working to deduce when it comes to using Facebook in their recruiting and hiring practices? Based on this survey, it seems that cultural fit, industry-related posts, and professional experience all top the list. 

Social media boosts ROI

Further, these respondents reported that since they have implemented social recruiting, they have realized a greater ROI, in terms of both dollars and quality. For example, since they started turning to social media channels, the following areas have significantly improved: time to hire, quality of candidates, quantity of candidates, and quantity and quality of employee referrals.

For more information on how social media channels can be used to fill your talent pipeline, check out this white paper released by Chequed.com:  Five Inspired Avenues for Sourcing Top Talent. It offers insightful perspectives that you may want to put to work right away.   

It’s 2014 – turn over a new leaf

So, if you’re looking for a way to up the ante this year and begin sourcing a higher level of candidates, now is the time to turn over a new leaf. In addition to focusing on using social media channels more often, you can also enhance your reference checking system, improve your visibility in the marketplace, and get one step closer to hiring the best candidate you can.

With Chequed.com solutions, recruiters and hiring managers will certainly yield better results. It’s clear. The time is now; the future is here. Leverage new methods in new places to ensure that you make the most positive impact on your hiring results.

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