HR Pros Predict 8 Future Trends

Thursday, November 5, 2015 - By: Greg Moran - Tags: | |

HR is moving fast

If you’re looking for ways to stay sharp in the fast-moving world of HR, you’re not alone. Technology has transformed almost everything about how HR teams operate. The goal has always been to increase talent, but now you’re defining a strategy to promote your social recruitment brand and deliberating over data points like never before.

This is all good news. The rise in HR technology means HR is embracing innovation and finding even more ways to demonstrate value. And it also means you can do more in less time: attract more candidates, give more assessments, check more references, train more hiring managers, and get more performance feedback on new hires.

How do you keep up?

The challenge, however, is keeping up with all the systems and tools and integrations—and then making something meaningful out of the data you accumulate. And because ATS, TMS, and HR analytics have become standard, you don’t automatically get a competitive advantage when you implement a new tool (actually, you’re probably playing catch up).

It’s not enough to use the tools and collect the data. It’s what you do next that will most impact the future of talent in your organization. But how do you know what to do next when there’s so many new metrics and trends to pay attention to? How do you separate the shiny and new from the truly significant?

Look into the future…

Luckily, we have industry experts to address these very questions. In a recent webinar, 3 HR thought leaders discussed all the hot topics—from big data and social media to recruitment brand and “fitability.” William Tincup, Tim Sackett, and our own Greg Moran shared their thoughts on how these trends will evolve in the future. They tackled concerns like:

  • How will HR handle the influx of young workers?
  • Do we need to re-think out social recruitment strategy?
  • Which metrics will shape the way we measure talent?

Thanks to our experts for their insight, we now have a new infographic that captures these answers and other predictions about the future of HR. Click here to view our infographic.

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