What Are Your New Year’s Hiring Resolutions?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 - By: Greg Moran - Tags: | | | |

Product Update Image 12-29-14This is the year. This is the year you hire smartly – once and for all, right? Here are six ideas to inspire you and ensure that this year – you finally do it.

1.)  I will develop a strong talent pipeline. Don’t wait till your employee is out the door to fill his or her shoes. If you’re frantic, you’ll risk rushing and make a bad hire. One way to beef up your pipeline is to embrace the reference check. References from previous hires can be a great place to start your search. So, if you can get a reference to “opt in” you’ve doubled your efforts in one fell swoop. You’ve gotten your reference for an employee and you’ve added someone to your talent pool.

2.)  I will focus on specific needs. It’s a good idea to examine and update job descriptions as needed to see how well they match up to actual expectations for each role. If they’re drastically misaligned, it’s probably time for a little remodeling to help you find the most qualified person for the job. Be as specific as possible. It will yield much better results.

3.)  I’ll get more familiar with my competition. Do you know what other companies like yours are doing on the hiring front? Are they using technology to make that great hire? Are they offering more money or cooler benefits? Make sure you keep pace so you can attract top talent to your door.

4.)  I’ll strengthen my interview process. Are you including the right people in the interview process? For instance, you may not be the best (or only person) who needs to interview potential candidates. Consider inviting the department manager or other team members to the interview table.

5.)  I’ll ask better questions. Behaviorally-based interview questions allow candidates to describe past experiences where they successfully demonstrated specific competencies and examples of past behaviors are the greatest indicator of future behavior. For example, in order to assess someone’s relationship building experience, pose the question: “Can you tell me about a time you had to form trusting relationships with internal team members?”

6.)  I’ll start harnessing big data. Big data is defined as a process to deliver decision-making insights by using people and technology to quickly analyze large amounts of data in order to enhance managerial decision-making. Big data can help HR to debunk conventional wisdom and help better predict future human behavior. And, when hiring managers can better predict, they can make better hiring decisions.

So, are you ready to make your own list of hiring resolutions for 2015? Be proactive today and avoid bad hires tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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