Product Preview: What are the HR Pros Saying?

Anatomy-of-a-HireIt’s a game changer.” “Staff thinks it’s wonderful.” “I’m a raving fan. I’d hold a bake sale to fund it, if needed.” Just a few of the comments made by a client advisory council of HR and Talent Acquisition experts assembled to test a new product – ChequedImpact™.

It’s shaking up the way businesses are gathering and using data to assess talent acquisition. So, how can businesses use it and benefit? Read on.

Putting it into action

Our experts agreed that availability of the following pieces of data are critical for comprehensive analysis of the success of the talent acquisition processes that are so closely tied to the success of their companies:

  • Post hire surveys completed by Hiring Managers about each new employee, that include questions relating to:
    • satisfaction with recruiting
    • willingness to hire the new employee again, if given the opportunity
    • opinion of the new employee’s growth potential
  • Post hire surveys completed by each new employee, that include questions relating to:
    • the on-boarding experience
    • their level of engagement
  • Rehire/Net promoter score
  • Links to values/culture in an organization
  • Current employees by source
  • Turnover by source
  • Timeframe (Turnover Trends)
  • Applicants to hire (tied to source)
  • Absenteeism
  • Attrition linked to recruiters
  • Secret shopper scores
  • Sales per hour

Here are a few comments from the client advisory council about what problems analysis of these data points could address:

“Better control of attrition of new employees in their first six months of employment.”  – Gregg Sears, Director Talent Acquisition, at esurance.

“More effectively determine what data is critical to quantifying the impact of talent acquisition on an organization.”  –  Cameron Laker, Director, Product and Customer Experience at Mindfield Group, a Vancouver-based, technology-enabled talent solutions provider that partners with companies to improve the quality of their hourly workforce.

“Minimize turnover.”  –  Sue Decker, Senior Vice President HR, Aspen Dental Management, Inc., the fastest-growing network of independently-owned dental practices in the U.S.

The Impact Solution

So, if you’re ready to take control of your talent acquisition, ChequedImpact™ may be the solution you’ve been looking for. It provides:

  • A simple method through which employers can collect early-stage post-hire information to ensure an effective job and cultural fit.
  • An automated process, which is triggered at an interval chosen by the employer, that gathers feedback from the hiring manager and other key stakeholders – as well as the new hire.
  • A rounded view of the employee’s initial experience, success at adapting to the job, and the return on investment in the talent selection process.

Its main features include:

  • Gathering early stage employee performance information from one or multiple stakeholders
  • Reporting on new hire engagement
  • Measuring the recruitment experience of new hires
  • Reporting organization-wide selection analytics to assess areas of concern and areas of excellence
  • Comparison of company analytics to other industry analytics for benchmarking your selection results
  • Allowing new hire data to optimize the selection process for future hires
  • Analyzing candidate sources to determine which sources lead to the best new hires

Ready to learn more? ChequedImpact™ will be available soon.

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