Put On Your Hard Hat – It’s Time to Go Data Mining


Are you operating as efficiently as you could be when it comes to recruitment?

If you answered, yes, you can stop reading. But the truth is – there’s always room for improvement. And tapping into big data may be a good place to begin. Big data is everywhere. But what do we do with it? Data alone does nothing. It’s what you do with that data that brings about positive change and long-term value.

So how do we learn to be more efficient at recruiting? Analyze big data.

A recent Forbes article, “Hiring with Science: Big Data Brings Better Recruits”, reports that what may seem like a logical assumption we make based on information we see on a resume is in fact proven to be completely inaccurate once we look to data analytics to assess the reality of the situation.

It’s a triple play.

Consider this. When you look at a resume and see that someone has had several jobs within a relatively short period – say three jobs within the past four years – you might pass on them because you view them as flighty or lacking in commitment. But in reality, in many cases, tenure of prior employment does not affect performance or attrition. The same goes for the long-term unemployed. Hiring managers tend to shun them, but in reality, they could be missing out on a top recruit.

While the initial, gut decision to pass on these potentially flaky employees may seem like a good decision at the time, it may actually not be in your company’s best interest. These decisions are laden with bias, something big data knows nothing about. Big data does not rely on emotion or speculation… it’s simply driven by the hard-core facts. It’s more about science and math and as the age-old saying goes… numbers don’t lie. But, numbers do give you insight. Are you ready to see clearer this year? Then it sounds like you’re ready to put big data to work for you.

The Forbes article referenced above says that big data can help you to:

1.)  Find talent that your competitors may be missing;
2.)  Stop you from over-paying for great talent; and
3.)  Help you to keep that talent.

Now, that’s a triple play worth making. Are you ready to get into the game?

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