Reinvent your Interviewing Process Before the New Year

While you were away enjoying (we hope) your long Labor Day weekend here in the US, our team at was working away preparing our newest module, ChequedInterview(tm). Working toward our goal of No Bad Hires. Ever. we are now changing the way companies interview talent by making it more consistent, easier and most importantly predictive of future success.

But how? Have you heard of predictive interviewing? It’s sure to put a smile on your face. And, it’s about as close as you will get to actually observing a person on the job. Think about it. Many people jockey for positions, but just how often do you reflect on how those people get picked? Could the process before more efficient? Likely the answer is yes.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up, Just Make a Change

Despite numerous studies that have been done to reveal the inefficiencies of the traditional interview, they are still often the interview of choice. But why? Studies show that interviewers often favor candidates who are attractive, sociable, articulate, tall and make good first impressions. Yet, these are not always the best job performers. Admit it. You can think of at least one person who threw you off track, can’t you? And, you are not to blame. It’s difficult for an interviewer to see past attractiveness and flattery to predict how a person will actually perform once hired. And, after all, we all want to believe we are good judges of character. But, really how you can judge something like this in such a short window of time? You need to collect evidence. You need to hire those with the identifiable skills. And, you need to do it right the first time.

By structuring an interview that puts each candidate through the same paces, you level the playing field. That’s why organizations, large and small, owe it to themselves and their stakeholders to base this important decision on a consistent process.

Let Future Labor Days be a Time to Celebrate

Over the last 50 years or so, the American economy has seen tremendous innovation in productivity growth, but there has been minimal innovation in how we hire. The current economy is ripe with opportunity. There’s a larger applicant pool which means that the payoff from instituting better hiring practices is that much greater too. What are you waiting for?

When Labor Day comes around next year, you will have even more reason to celebrate the fruits of your labor. Take a look at ChequedInterview(tm) today.

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