Talent Acquisition Strategies

Talent Acquisition StrategiesThe success of your organization begins with talent acquisition. That’s why it’s so important to focus on best practices and make sure everyone is on board. But how? Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to keep you and your team on their talented toes.


 Hire with focus. Be clear on what your organization wants and needs. Are you looking for leadership qualities? Do you need a super organizer? Does the person have to be a finance wiz? Know what you want and then clearly define it.

Plan out your budget. Make sure that your recruitment budget allows for investing in the right resources so you have the tools you need for success.

Collect at the get-go. Gather early performance data on new employees. You’ll quickly be able to identify problems before they get too big and work towards a solution.

Compare and contrast. It’s important to see how you compare to the competition. Are you on track to boom or bust?


Go with your gut. While your new hire may fit in well with your company’s culture, don’t overlook skill set, just because you think he or she has what it takes based on a winning smile.  According to the Harvard Business Review, the best way to predict job performance is not by looking at personality, but by taking note of applicants’ experience, cognitive ability and critical thinking.

Overlook candidate sources. Your new hires are full of resources. Collect data about how your top hires were recruited and why they chose you. This information can positively affect future efforts.

Talk too much. Listen to your new hires and to their supervisors too. If you’re talking more than they are, it’s a sign that you’re not effectively evaluating the applicant. Give new hires a chance to give feedback about their initial experience.

Fail to find out what makes people tick. Once you’ve found an excellent hire, don’t let go. Find out why they’re involved and engaged. Then figure out how they became that why. Is it something you’ve done? Is it a character trait? Is it a skill set? This is invaluable information to have so you can nurture the future.

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