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Mike Reilly, the Voice of Ironman, Discusses Building a Winning Team and Culture

In this edition of the ChequedLabs podcast, Greg Moran interviews the Voice of Ironman triathlon Mike Reilly. Not only is Mike known worldwide for MC’ing one of the world’s most grueling endurance sports events, but was a founding team member of (NYSE: ACTV) and now Hear Mike discuss: How to build a team focused around core values that live every day in the business How to hold your core values from stage to stage in your companies growth Why culture and passion as the keys to hiring (more…)

John Murphy Discusses Aspen Dental’s Experience With

John Murphy, Director of Talent Acquisition at Aspen Dental    

Brandon Moreno Presents Impact of ChequedReference at HCI

Herbalife Transforms Recruiting Herbalife, the leading provider of nutrition, weight management, energy fitness, and personal care products to members in over 90 countries, is growing fast! Their business has grown to 8,000 employees worldwide since 1980, and recruiting and retention have certainly been a challenge. View Brandon Moreno, Herbalife International’s Director of Global Talent Acquisition, present how their company transformed their recruiting and talent acquisition process at 2014’s HCI Conference! Download Herbalife’s full Case Study Here!   About Brandon Moreno: Brandon is a distinguished HR and Talent executive with 20 years of impressive achievements leading and (more…)

John Sumser

What trends in HR Technology should we be paying attention to? Join Greg Moran, Vincent Smith and our guest John Sumser as they discuss the innovations being made in HR technology, and what effects they are having on the talent acquisition process as a whole. About John Sumser: John Sumser is the founder, principal author and editor-in-chief of the HRExaminer Online Magazine. John explores the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital. John is the also principal of Two Color Hat where he routinely advises Human Resources, Recruiting Departments and Talent Management teams (more…)

Penelope Trunk

Friday, May 11, 2012 - By: Chequed - Tags:
Is HR really the dumping ground for scared people who will never be a winner? The always intriguing and controversial Penelope Trunk is the latest HR Thought Leader. Penelope is a best selling Author, mega popular blogger and columnist whose career advice runs in 200 publications. In the interview, Trunk shares insights about the future of HR and America’s educational system, and what trends will take HR out of the flux and into the future. Click the player below to listen to the interview. You’ll hear (more…)

Brad Smart, Author of Topgrading

Monday, May 16, 2011 - By: Chequed - Tags:
What percentage of your team are A players? If it’s not 60% or better, you’re in a position to make big improvements in your team’s performance. Brad Smart, who worked with Jack Welch at GE to develop their talent selection tools, shares details about his approach to hiring in this latest installment in the HR Thought Leader Series. Click the player below to listen to the interview and learn how Smart’s Topgrading methods help companies avoid mediocre candidates and dramatically increase the percentage of high performers (more…)

Christa Foley, Recruiting Manager,

How does Zappos maintain its storied corporate culture? In the year and a half since Amazon’s acquisition of the online shoe retailer, its culture and customer loyalty are as strong as ever. Click the player below to listen to an interview with Christa Foley, Recruiting Manager at Zappos, to get the inside view of recruiting at the company and the role it plays in sustaining culture. In this latest installment in’s HR Thought Leadership Series, Foley shares the details on Zapppos’ recruiting approach and how she (more…)

Marshall Goldsmith

How do successful leaders find time and new ideas for getting even better? Dr. Marshall Goldsmith joins Greg Moran in this Chequed HR Thought Leader interview to discuss new perspectives on how leaders develop themselves and their teams. Goldsmith, a widely and internationally recognized authority in achieving positive, lasting change in behavior, points out the failure of abstract theories in fostering behavioral change.  Instead, he stresses the importance of developing and achieving micro-level measurements. Click the player below to hear the interview, and you’ll learn: Related content: Connecting HR (more…)

Aubrey Daniels

Are your company’s management systems killing performance? Many organizations institutionalize management practices that conflict with the basic laws of human behavior, according to Dr. Aubrey Daniels, author of OOPs! 13 Management Practices that Waste Time & Money (and what to do instead).  On the other hand, companies that establish management practices that support our basic human nature minimize stress in the workplace and get markedly improved employee performance. Don’t miss the latest installment in Chequed’s HR Thought Leader Interview (more…)

Ed Schein

How well do you give and receive help? MIT Professor of Management Emeritus Ed Schein says how you answer that question could make or break your leadership career. In Chequed’s latest HR Thought Leader interview, Dr. Schein explains why he believes that a leader’s ability to foster the right environment for offering and taking help—from subordinates and from peers—is the key to success in the organization of the future. Perhaps the world’s foremost expert on organizational psychology, (more…)