Measure, Analyze, IMPACT

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. And measuring Talent Acquisition success was a challenge. Until now. ChequedImpact™ empowers your Talent Acquisition team by providing them with accurate, early-stage analysis of the success of the hiring process and the engagement of your company’s newly hired employees.

Let’s Review the Features & Benefits …


  • Automated surveys collect early-stage, post-hire information from the hiring manager and other key stakeholders – as well as the new employee.
  • The process, triggered at an interval you choose, gathers feedback on multiple critical data points like satisfaction with training and consistency of position with expectations (from the new employee), and culture fit (from the hiring manager).


  • Post survey reports provide a rounded view of the employee’s initial experience and success at adapting to the job.
  • An easy to understand dashboard allows you to see what’s really happening.  Right now.
    • Which recruiters have the magic touch?
    • What are the sources of top new hires?
    • What’s the return on investment in your talent selection process?


  • Refine new employees’ onboarding experience for maximum engagement.
  • Focus on the candidate sources that provide the most successful new hires.
  • Improve your recruiting brand.
  • Demonstrate by-the-numbers value of your Talent Acquisition Team

Don’t Stop Now!  There’s More!

ChequedImpact™, is part of our Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite, the most complete set of talent selection tools available from a single vendor. Our Suite also includes ChequedReference™, ChequedFit™ , ChequedInterview™ , ChequedCulture™, and ChequedAttract™.