Make every interview count with ChequedInterview™.

ChequedInterview™ is a structured, behavioral interviewing guide. It is integrated into all other components of our Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite, and can be accessed through both ChequedFit™, and ChequedReference™.

ChequedInterview™, part of the Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite, is the next generation of interviewing and talent selection. By combining cloud-based technology and world class behavioral data analytics, ChequedInterview™ delivers a job and culture fit specific, structured and scorable interview process to hiring managers throughout your enterprise. Simple to deploy, simple to use and simple to understand, ChequedInterview™ drives unprecedented interview quality and better hires to your company.

Let’s Review the Features & Benefits …

Consistent & Scalable Interview Process Across Your OrganizationConsistent & Scalable Interview Process Across Your Organization

  • Reduce your legal risk and increase compliance through consistent interviews across positions, job families, etc.
  • Increase quality of hire through targeted and focused interview process and guides
  • Custom to meet your positions, the competencies required for high performance, company culture, or other important criteria for your organization
  • Enhance candidate experience through consistency and rigor of interview process
  • Simple to implement through cloud based, mobile-enabled technology
  • Better return on hire analytics to understand company-wide selection decisions

Structured Interview Guides Ensure Quality of Your Selection ProcessStructured Interview Guides Ensure Quality of Your Selection Process

  • Better hires through focused, structured interviews
  • Identify great performers rather than candidates great at interviewing
  • High quality interviews through clear and easy to use interview guides (even your worst interviewers will conduct great interviews)
  • Save time, money and wasted effort by relying less (or not at all) on interviewer preparation and training
  • Clear documentation and storage of all interview questions and response scores for better compliance and legal protection

Scorable Interview ProcessScorable Feedback by Interviewers Makes Every Interview Count

  • Reduce time to hire by capturing real-time feedback from hiring managers
  • Promote interviewer collaboration through multi-rater interview scores
  • Add critical, objective job and culture fit data from the interview process
  • Stack rank and easily compare candidates post interview
  • Simplify the interview debrief process (or actually have one) through automated post-interview data collection

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How Does ChequedInterview™ Compare?

Traditional Interviewing Video Interviewing Interview Training ChequedInterview™
Drives Speed & Automation in Hiring Process No Yes No Yes (efficient interview process and automated feedback from interviewers)
Enhances Quality of Hire through Better Interviews No No Maybe (If followed consistently by all interviewers.) Yes (competency driven, structured interview process with data driven scoring from interviewers)
Enhances Candidate Experience & Recruitment Brand No Maybe (many candidates find it too impersonal) No Yes (top candidates seek more rigor in selection process)
Reduces Legal Risk and Increased Compliance No No Maybe (If followed consistently by all interviewers.) Yes (consistent and job relevant interview guides)
Simple to Implement Yes (just keep doing what you’re doing) No No Yes (can be up and running in minutes. Simple integration through open API’s)


Don’t Stop Now!  There’s More!

ChequedInterview™, is part of our Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite, the most complete set of talent selection tools available from a single vendor. Our Suite also includes ChequedReference™, ChequedFit™, ChequedImpact™ , ChequedCulture™, and ChequedAttract™.


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