The only fully integrated suite of talent selection tools.

Assessment, interview, reference checking and analytics together on a simple user interface provides the MOST PREDICTIVE talent selection process on the market.

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The Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite includes 3 pre-hire tools, ChequedFit™ our behavioral and cultural assessment, ChequedInterview™a structured interview and scoring guide and ChequedReference™, our industry leading, automated reference checking solution. These services are all tied together by a proprietary benchmarking process and delivered on cloud-based technology platform. Each of these pre-hire selection tools add a level of incremental predictability to the hiring process that improves overall quality of hire by adding data to every step of the hiring decision.

Key Differentiators

End to End Talent Selection Process is the only company to offer behavioral and cultural assessment, interview guides and reference checking all in a single, easy to implement, solution.

The individual components, whether used individually or together, all serve to add data to the hiring process and ultimately taking the stress and guesswork out of hiring the best people for your organization.

Proprietary Science

ChequedProfile™ is our proprietary benchmarking
 process that has been developed in partnership with the Psychology Department at the State University of New York at Albany. This partnership provides exclusive behavioral science that accurately determines a candidate’s potential. Our ongoing research partnership ensures the behavioral science that fuels our products is always the most accurate and up-to-date, thereby ensuring that your candidate selection strategy is always one step ahead.

For Best Results Measure Twice, Hire Once

We understand that you can’t make a good hire if you don’t first understand what makes a good hire. ChequedProfile™ will be the yardstick against which candidates are measured at every step of the hiring process. Furthermore each step adds information to make the next step more informative. This adds consistency, structure and incremental predictability to an otherwise subjective process.

Components of The Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite


ChequedFit™ is our fast, flexible and predictive behavioral and cultural assessment test. The test measures applicants on a range of job relevant behaviors that correlate to success in the position and the company. ChequedFit™ adds data to the hiring process so you don’t waste your time interviewing candidates that look good on paper but really don’t have the behavioral make up necessary to succeed in the position or in your organization.


ChequedInterview™ is a structured interview guide that helps hiring managers conduct sound interviews that gather information based on the pre-defined job profile. ChequedInterview™ adds consistency to the hiring process, which leads to better hiring decisions and a more legally compliant hiring process.


ChequedReference™ is our industry leading automated reference checking service. This service quickly aggregates candid feedback from past employers. The detailed reports provide the highest level of insight into a candidate’s true fit to a position as well as valuable information to improve the onboarding process. It helps you avoid bad hires and makes all your hires have more impact sooner.


ChequedAnalytics™ collects and analyzes data that helps you make continuous improvement to your talent selection process.


ChequedAttract™ taps the most valuable source of talent available—reference providers from your current applicant pool. ChequedAttract™ compiles a searchable database of candidates with industry relevant experience that have opted in to your employment offers.

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