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We all know, when conducting employee screening, how critical culture fit is. But do you know how to really screen and interview effectively for it? Maybe you do, but do you other hiring managers.

In this edition of ChequedTV we explore why screening for culture fit is so critical and how to do it effectively and consistently across the organization.

Here is an overview of the content:

Screening for Culture Fit

  1. Authentic Alignment
    1. Know Your Target
    2. What are Your Values
    3. = WOW Service
  2. Preparation
    1. Does Your Team Know the Target
    2. Divide the Values
    3. Design the Questions & Scoring
    4. Culture then Skills
  3. Integrate Across the Process
    1. Interview = Fixed Points (Look for Others)
    2. What Other Interactions Yield Insight
    3. Does the Environment Align (a.k.a. What’s in Cher’s closet?)
  4. Get the Metrics Right
    1. This IS NOT the Soft Stuff
    2. Process Needs to Support Business Goals
    3. HINT: Time to Fill and Completion Rates ARE NOT Business Goals

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