Hiring for the Holiday Shopping Season? Retailers Should Look Beyond Age to Build a First-Rate Workforce

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - By: Chequed Marketing

New research by Assess Systems shows that employees who possess key competencies for success are most valuable in the retail industry, regardless of their ageChequed Assess logo

As retailers build up their workforces to prepare for the upcoming rush of holiday shoppers, new research shows that hiring employees that possess the key competencies and personality traits needed to be successful – regardless of their age – can make or break the shopping experience for their customers.

Assess Systems, a leading provider of comprehensive employment assessments based in Dallas, studied the work-related traits of more than 500,000 job candidates of all ages to determine if there were trends specific to each generation. Research by its scientists and industrial and organizational psychologists found that possessing a certain set of personality characteristics and behaviors are most important for job success – and those characteristics are generally the same no matter the age of the employee.

In the retail industry, employees must know how to manage time, juggle multiple tasks, provide exceptional customer service, and tolerate high-frustration situations. And while some individuals may not be the right fit for the retail industry – perhaps they’re not able to cope with high-stress shopping hours, or are too bossy or overbearing with customers – this has nothing to do with the age of the employee, but rather with their individual personality and behavior.

“Stereotypes about millennials or older workers hinder a retailer’s ability to build a top-notch workforce,” said Carol Jenkins, Ph.D., Vice President of Talent Solutions at Assess Systems. “Through pre-hire assessments and predictive analytics, we have found that top performers don’t necessarily fall within a particular age group. By identifying the key attributes needed for success in the workplace, and then hiring employees who have those characteristics, retailers can meet the diverse needs of their customers while creating long-term brand loyalty.”

Through its research, Assess Systems also identified the key predictors for success in the retail industry. For hourly employees, they include sociability, accommodation to others, guest focus, frustration tolerance, drive & energy, integrity, multi-tasking, persuasiveness, pride in work, and teamwork. For managers, they include championing change, driving for results, managing others, coaching & developing, teamwork, problem solving, revenue focus, judgment, planning & organizing, and relationship management. Ensuring that hiring managers understand what leads to success, use pre-employment assessments that align to success, and target interview questions will enable retailers to hire the best.

A copy of the company’s White Paper, “Generational Differences: The Newest Way to Justify a Bad Hire,” can be accessed at https://www.assess-systems.com/lp/generational-differences-retail-white-paper/.

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