Pre Employment Assessment Tools that Connect Talent Selection to Business Results

The Chequed Predictive Employee Selection Suite are easy to use, online & on demand employee assessment tools. That’s why leading organization like Subway, Farmers Insurance, Allstate and Aspen Dental have chosen Chequed as their pre hire testing and selection tool.

A Predictive Employee Selection Suite

The Chequed Predictive Employee Selection Suite is made up of 2 unique employee assessment tools for pre hire testingChequedFit™ competency based assessments and ChequedReference™ our automated, competency based reference assessments. We’ve built many custom assessments to exactly fit the needs of many customers and can do the same for your organization. Explore our pre employment assessment tools below to discover how Chequed will improve your hiring and selection process.


Used by World Class Organizations


Pre Employment Assessment Tools Customers

 Why does improving your talent selection matter?Employee Assessment Tools Tour

Business results come from hiring the right people. Increase the quality of your hires and you make a positive and measurable impact on your company’s business results. Do it faster than your competition and your company pulls ahead. Chequed’s employee assessment and selection tools can help you have a measurable impact on business results sooner rather than later.

Why Both an Assessment and Reference Check?

You might be wondering why we use both assessment testing and an automated reference checking tool? The answer is fairly simply…it’s more predictive and valuable to have input from both the candidate on their personality and traits as well as input from supervisors on performance, how they’ve done the job before. Here’s some insight from our Chief Science officer, Dr. Kevin Williams:

  • ChequedFit™ – Pre-Employment Assessment Testing
    A competency based pre employment assessment test done in real-time, inexpensively, via an on-demand (web-based) platform.
  • ChequedReference™ – Online Reference Checking
    A predictive and automated online reference checking system that combines world-class behavioral science and scalable technology.
  • Methodology
    Regardless of your industry or company size, candidate due diligence has never been more critical. Learn how the Chequed methodology combines leading behavioral psychology and technology to create the ultimate predictive employee selection process.