When it Comes to Assessments, It’s All About How You Use Them

A recent article in TIME magazine looks at what it’s like to get a job or fill a job in “the age of optimized hiring.” That’s a huge topic, but the article focuses on personality assessments (though it refers to them more generally as tests (more…)

You Can’t Use a Talent Surplus Strategy in a Talent Scarcity Situation – with Lou Adler and John Sumser

In this highly interactive Q&A session, noted HR thought leaders Lou Adler and John Sumser, will offer their take on the rapidly changing world of recruiting. Despite all of the changes and new technologies available, without the right talent strategy, little will change once everyone has (more…)

The Foundations of Personality

What Every Recruiter and Hiring Manager Should Know About Personality “Personality refers to what a candidate will do in a given situation, as opposed to what they can do or, more specifically, what their learned skills are.”   For decades, conventional HR wisdom has associated certain types of (more…)

For a Better Process, Ask the Candidates

Too often, we get caught up in simply executing the hiring process and consequently forget to truly investigate its efficacy – including the impact it has on the candidate. “Is our screening process a positive, productive experience for candidates?” The answer to this question is an important one (more…)

A Better Hire in Less Time, Part 2: Predictability

Life is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to be arbitrary – especially not the hiring process. So, how does a company go about making a seemingly unpredictable process predictable? Create a succinct action plan for collecting and synthesizing accurate and predictive data. Many (more…)

Innovations in Talent Selection

In our continuing series on innovations in talent selection, our host George Ehinger will dissect the advances being made in predictive talent selection technology. This webinar will cover:  What’s wrong with candidate selection today The need for incremental predictability in the process Effective ways to tie assessments, interviews and (more…)

Predictive Talent Selection Suite™ Overview is the only company to provide pre-hire assessment’s, structured interview guides, automated reference checking and detailed analytics to help improve your Return on Hire™ in one integrated offering. Learn how a collection of talent selection tools can drive incremental predictability to your hiring process and ultimately: Dramatically (more…)

Best Practices in Talent Selection

A Guide for Building a Superior Hiring Process Securing top talent is a strategic imperative for any organization. In recent years new technologies, advances in employee assessment software, selection techniques, and market influences have caused talent acquisition professionals to re-think their talent selection strategies and processes. Our (more…)

If You Don’t Hire the Right Candidate Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

The hiring process is an odious one. From sorting through dozens of unqualified applicant resumes to interviewing a friend’s son who came “highly-recommended”; it’s enough to make any hiring manager or human resource professional’s head spin! It also means that the potential for hiring a (more…)

ChequedFit™ Overview

Ever Wonder What ChequedFit™ is All About? Join Greg Moran, CEO and Founder of, as he discusses the basics of ChequedFit™ If you’d like to learn more, please contact us here