candidate expectations

Why Candidate Completion Rates Don’t Matter in Employee Selection

It’s pretty common for us to hear from hiring managers that a primary concern about implementing an online selection tool is that people will drop out. But if your application process leaves behind 20% of your candidates that’s probably a good thing. For some jobs, (more…)

Managing Candidate Expectations –’s ChequedTV

Managing the Candidate Experience in your employee screening process. Setting expectations is the key. Understand the Why Why are you different? Why does the rigorous process aid the candidate? How can a candidate best utilize the system? Explain the Steps What are you asking them to do? What is the order of (more…)

Social media clout as part of employee screening?

Great blog post today by Steve Boese exploring the question of whether one day (soon?) we will begin measuring a candidate’s online presence and influence as a component about the individual. It’s an interesting thought as more and more of employee screening is moving online and public (more…)