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Suds Up! Drink in Culture

Brewing beer may seem like a pretty straight forward task, but assembling the perfect team to execute it is a pretty tall order. And, at New Belgium Brewing, it starts with culture. Based in Fort Collins, CO, this brewing powerhouse is opening a new place (more…)

Bad Hire Takeaways

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half reported that 36 percent of the 1,400 executives surveyed felt the top factor leading to a failed hire is a poor skills match. The second most common reason (30 percent) could be attributed to unclear performance objectives. “Companies can’t afford (more…)

Treat Employees Like Adults? What a Concept

We’ve all heard of a little company called Netflix, right? But are you familiar with their approach to finding and keeping talent? It starts with personal responsibility. Over the years, they have learned that if they ask people to rely on logic and common sense (more…)

The Perfect Employee. Say, What?  

The perfect employee. Does he/she exist? What traits or combination of technical skills and personality characteristics indicate that a person will be a good fit (or not) for the long haul? Take Five Ken Sundheim, founder and CEO, KAS Placement, a sales and marketing recruiting firm, says (more…)

Three Studies That Make You Say Hmmm…

In the last few years, a handful of studies have shed light on the way recruiters hire and think about candidates. Below are three that may inspire you to rethink your talent acquisition strategy. 1)  MRI Network Recruiter Sentiment Study: This 2014 survey examines recruiters’ confidence (more…)

Today’s Candidate Driven Employment Market

Pick Up the Pace The tables have turned. What was once an employer-driven market, is now a candidate driven market. And, according to a recent survey by MRINetwork, a global search firm, the candidate-driven market is here to stay and the pace at which candidates are (more…)

Put On Your Hard Hat – It’s Time to Go Data Mining

Are you operating as efficiently as you could be when it comes to recruitment? If you answered, yes, you can stop reading. But the truth is – there’s always room for improvement. And tapping into big data may be a good place to begin. Big data (more…)

Develop a Positive Recruitment Reputation

Part of developing your recruitment brand lies in understanding what candidates go through in order to land an interview and ultimately a job with your organization. Are there multiple hoops they need to jump through during the process? Are there long periods with no communication? (more…)

Rockin’ Recruitment with Twitter

Recruiters who turn to Twitter are humming a happy tune. The popular social media site ranks number three for hiring managers, just on the heels of LinkedIn and Facebook. And, according to an online social media survey conducted in June 2013 by Jobvite, 55 percent (more…), inc. Releases Record Results For 2013

Saratoga Springs, NY – January 23, 2014 –, Inc., a Saratoga Springs, New York human resources technology company, announced today a record breaking year in 2013. Among the highlights of 2013 are: Doubling its’ enterprise client base Exceeding 3,000,000 candidates through its pre-employment assessment and online reference (more…)