Cliché Your Way to Talent Acquisition Success

We’ve all heard these clichés before: “the numbers don’t lie” and “the proof is in the pudding.” And, there’s good reason these familiar phrases have stayed around so long; they’re true, especially when it comes to tracking talent acquisition success. When you have the ability (more…)

It’s Not a Crystal Ball, But It’s Close…

More and more companies are taming the paper tiger and moving to greener methods of record keeping. And, as a result of more advanced technology, many are also placing more emphasis on data projections and analytics. Why? Because they work. Many of us wish we (more…)

Balancing the Hiring Managers’ “Need For Speed”

Balance the Need for Speed From a business perspective, how important is speed to the decision-making process? Is it better to research and analyze or better to act quickly? When it comes to talent management, business leaders believe due diligence works best. Jack Raudenbush, Vice President at Raudenbush (more…) Releases ChequedSucceed Career Potential Module

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - By: Greg Moran - Tags: | | | |
Big news! We are pleased to release out newest module to the suite. It’s called ChequedSucceed™. Below is a quick blub from the release or you can read the full release here. Of course, you can also just Request a Demo to see it yourself. “ (more…)

For a Better Process, Ask the Candidates

Too often, we get caught up in simply executing the hiring process and consequently forget to truly investigate its efficacy – including the impact it has on the candidate. “Is our screening process a positive, productive experience for candidates?” The answer to this question is an important one (more…)

Why Candidate Completion Rates Don’t Matter in Employee Selection

It’s pretty common for us to hear from hiring managers that a primary concern about implementing an online selection tool is that people will drop out. But if your application process leaves behind 20% of your candidates that’s probably a good thing. For some jobs, (more…)

Screening for Culture Fit –’s ChequedTV

We all know, when conducting employee screening, how critical culture fit is. But do you know how to really screen and interview effectively for it? Maybe you do, but do you other hiring managers. In this edition of ChequedTV we explore why (more…)

Candidate Completion Rates Don’t Matter!

In human resources and hiring, we all get tied up around the wrong metrics sometimes. Candidate completion rates, especially at the application and pre-employment testing phase is certainly one of those misleading metrics. Watch Vincent Smith, Director of Client Results (more…)

Employee Screening in a Candidate-Heavy Market

Today, we continue looking at the steps you can take to make hiring and employee selection easier when the resumes are coming in fast and furious…  Here’s the previous post: Step #1: Define your Target. Step #2: Attract That Ideal Candidate Your company has a lot to (more…)

Employee Selection in a Candidate-Heavy Market – Step # 1

Unemployment is still stubbornly high, but you already know that doesn’t really make recruiters’ jobs any easier. In today’s blog posting, we’ll look at the first step to minimizing unnecessary effort and maximizing the quality of your hires when you’re dealing with a large candidate pool. (more…)