Managing Candidate Expectations –’s ChequedTV

Managing the Candidate Experience in your employee screening process. Setting expectations is the key. Understand the Why Why are you different? Why does the rigorous process aid the candidate? How can a candidate best utilize the system? Explain the Steps What are you asking them to do? What is the order of (more…)

Screening for Culture Fit –’s ChequedTV

We all know, when conducting employee screening, how critical culture fit is. But do you know how to really screen and interview effectively for it? Maybe you do, but do you other hiring managers. In this edition of ChequedTV we explore why (more…)

Candidate Sourcing from Reference Checking

Reference checking can be an important component in your recruiting and candidate sourcing process. This ChequedTV episode explains why you should do it and how to do it most effectively. Why Do it? You have more information on a reference provider than you think such as where (more…)

Candidate Completion Rates Don’t Matter!

In human resources and hiring, we all get tied up around the wrong metrics sometimes. Candidate completion rates, especially at the application and pre-employment testing phase is certainly one of those misleading metrics. Watch Vincent Smith, Director of Client Results (more…) Launches ChequedTV

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