Employee Selection

No Bad Hires

There is No Reason to Make Bad Hires With the hiring technology and knowledge available today, there is no reason for any company to make a bad hire. Ever. Think of your last bad hire. Did you know it before you made it? Most likely, down (more…)

Top 10 Professional Career Competencies

Ever wonder what competencies are critical for success at your company? So did we! The Chequed.com research team recently conducted a survey of 264 subject matter experts on management and professional level hiring in their organizations to determine the answer. Our survey results show the top 10 (more…)

Reference Checking Isn’t a Waste of Time; You’re Just Doing it Wrong

The last step in the recruiting process, and often the most onerous can be calling for the reference check. No question that there are quality issues with phone-based reference checking. The common perception is that by and large the only data you’ll get are inaccurately (more…)

How Automated Reference Checking Assists with the Assessment Process

Depending on the company, standard hiring processes are usually instated and, then, are left to get moldy like forgotten sandwiches in the lunchroom fridge. Companies and job requirements evolve; hiring practices should follow suit. With that said, and, whether your company hiring processes are dynamic (more…)

Case Study: Asurea Streamlines Hiring and Increases Sales Agent Productivity with Chequed

“With Chequed, we added the right assessment and improved out process to achieve a 188 percent increase in revenue per agent”  – Chris Reid, Asurea Director of Agency Sales As a leading insurance marketing organization, Asurea was growing significantly and wanted to improve its talent acquisition process. (more…)

Think You Don’t Have Time to Reference Check? – How to Ensure a Good Hire

You wouldn’t really hire someone without first checking their references would you?  It may sound like a silly question, but it’s a valid one. Due to its tedious nature, and lack of results, reference checking has almost become a thing of the past.  As a (more…)

Aspen Dental Adds Speed and Quality to the Hiring Process with Chequed.com

In 2010, Aspen Dental, one of the largest and fastest-­‐growing networks of dental care providers, selected Chequed.com’s Predictive Talent SelectionTM solutions to improve its hiring process. Using these tools, which were also integrated with Aspen Dental’s new applicant tracking system, the organization was able to: Improve the application experience, (more…)

A Better Hire in Less Time, Part 2: Predictability

Life is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to be arbitrary – especially not the hiring process. So, how does a company go about making a seemingly unpredictable process predictable? Create a succinct action plan for collecting and synthesizing accurate and predictive data. Many (more…)

Are Your Job Posts Sexy or Significant?

Generic job descriptions don’t attract top talent. But the trick isn’t just to jazz up your job descriptions, it’s to also make them job-relevant. So stop posting the same job descriptions you’ve had since 1992, and start make the most of the opportunity to represent (more…)

A Candidate Is Not Always a (Great) Candidate

“Your talent selection process is designed to screen out poor quality candidates.” While this may sound like an obvious statement, the reality is that many firms simplify and dumb down their candidate screening for fear of driving away top performers with too rigorous a process. Do (more…)