Greg Moran, inc. Releases Record Results For 2013

Saratoga Springs, NY – January 23, 2014 –, Inc., a Saratoga Springs, New York human resources technology company, announced today a record breaking year in 2013. Among the highlights of 2013 are: Doubling its’ enterprise client base Exceeding 3,000,000 candidates through its pre-employment assessment and online reference (more…)

Avoiding Bad Hires

The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80 percent of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. And, with the average cost of hiring a new employee now exceeding $3,479 according to a 2012 study by Bersin & Associates, a leading (more…)

Bad Hires Trickle Down

So, you’ve just learned that the person you thought was a great fit for that recent job opening in the accounting department hasn’t shown up for work – again. It’s time to take your medicine and admit to a bad hire and move on. But, (more…)

5 Myths of Reference Checking

A study of 20,000 new hires revealed: 46% of all new hires fail 89% fail for attitudinal reasons 11% fail due to poor skills Reference checking is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve these statistics. However the common perception is that checking references is too (more…)

Bad Hire Costs Add Up

If you work in HR, you have likely come across a bad hire. And, while you and your hiring team evidently thought it was a good hire, something has gone awry. Now, your company has incurred unnecessary costs, loss of time and productivity. But do (more…)

No Bad Hires

There is No Reason to Make Bad Hires With the hiring technology and knowledge available today, there is no reason for any company to make a bad hire. Ever. Think of your last bad hire. Did you know it before you made it? Most likely, down (more…)

Case Study: Increasing Sales with Behavioral Science

Intuition is a key component to all hiring, but if you want to hire the best you need to use science to identify candidates with the highest likelihood of success. In our latest case study you will learn how a fast growing sales organization added behavioral (more…)

Are You Auditing Your Hiring Solutions Like You Ought To?

Would you go a year without changing your oil? Or five years without going to the dentist? Of course not! Every functioning system needs regular checkups and updates to ensure it’s performing at its peak, and the same is true for the tools used in (more…)

A Better Hire in Less Time, Part 4: Reference Checking

So, you’ve interviewed, screened and cross-interviewed the seemingly “perfect” candidate, and now it’s time to check references (menacing music ensues).  The old-fashioned approach of making a few phone calls is, quite simply, out.  It’s time consuming, typically involving at least one round of phone tag. (more…)

Why Candidate Completion Rates Don’t Matter in Employee Selection

It’s pretty common for us to hear from hiring managers that a primary concern about implementing an online selection tool is that people will drop out. But if your application process leaves behind 20% of your candidates that’s probably a good thing. For some jobs, (more…)