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If you’ve ever said, “It’s easy for me to read their body language,” you may want to think again. Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D, the author of more than 100 books, book chapters, and research articles in the areas of leadership, assessment centers, organizational psychology and (more…) Named Finalist for HRO Today Forum Europe iTalent Competition

Thrilled to be among some great companies as a finalist for HRO Today’s Forum Europe 2014 iTalent Competition. According to Elliot Clark, chief executive officer of SharedXpertise (parent company of HRO Today), said, “The annual iTalent competition rewards HR and recruiting technology companies that are leading the (more…) Featured in RecruitingTrends

Three Tips for Managing Biases that Destroy the Interview Process In this article, Founder and CEO, Greg Moran discusses how the interview all too often marks a breakdown in the talent selection process. He covers the different types of biases that play into our own (more…)

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: The Champ (and the Chip)

The more we understand what drives people to be successful, the more successful we can be. Makes sense, right? After all, how much can we really excel in life if we don’t help others do the same? In their continuing series on the Psychological Profiles (more…)

The Top 10 Competencies for Career Success

Ever wonder what competencies are critical for success at your company? The Chequed research team conducted a survey with 264 subject matter experts on management and professional level hiring. The results are shown below: Makes Predictive, Structured Interviews Simple with New ChequedInterview™ Release

Customized, Behavioral Interviewing Reduces Uncertainty in the Hiring Process and Further Drives Higher Quality of Hire SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – August 10, 2013 –, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection™ solutions, today released the next generation of ChequedInterview™. This first-of-its kind interview (more…)

Is Your Interviewing As Bad As Google’s?

Stop interviewing. Right now. Put down that phone, tell the candidate to leave, whatever it takes. We mean it. It’s not that interviewing in and of itself is a bad process – you’re just doing it wrong. In fact, most everyone is. Even Google. In this recent (more…)

Predictive Talent Selection Suite™ Overview is the only company to provide pre-hire assessment’s, structured interview guides, automated reference checking and detailed analytics to help improve your Return on Hire™ in one integrated offering. Learn how a collection of talent selection tools can drive incremental predictability to your hiring process and ultimately: Dramatically (more…)

Best Practices in Talent Selection

A Guide for Building a Superior Hiring Process Securing top talent is a strategic imperative for any organization. In recent years new technologies, advances in employee assessment software, selection techniques, and market influences have caused talent acquisition professionals to re-think their talent selection strategies and processes. Our (more…)

There’s no “I” in “HR Department”

Being a job seeker in today’s economy is challenging. According to, the average duration of the interview process at major companies has roughly doubled since 2010. This is due to more applicants for each position, as well as uncertain economic conditions for many companies. (more…)