Personality Assessment

When it Comes to Assessments, It’s All About How You Use Them

A recent article in TIME magazine looks at what it’s like to get a job or fill a job in “the age of optimized hiring.” That’s a huge topic, but the article focuses on personality assessments (though it refers to them more generally as tests (more…)

Treat Employees Like Adults? What a Concept

We’ve all heard of a little company called Netflix, right? But are you familiar with their approach to finding and keeping talent? It starts with personal responsibility. Over the years, they have learned that if they ask people to rely on logic and common sense (more…)

The Perfect Employee. Say, What?  

The perfect employee. Does he/she exist? What traits or combination of technical skills and personality characteristics indicate that a person will be a good fit (or not) for the long haul? Take Five Ken Sundheim, founder and CEO, KAS Placement, a sales and marketing recruiting firm, says (more…)

You Can’t Use a Talent Surplus Strategy in a Talent Scarcity Situation – with Lou Adler and John Sumser

In this highly interactive Q&A session, noted HR thought leaders Lou Adler and John Sumser, will offer their take on the rapidly changing world of recruiting. Despite all of the changes and new technologies available, without the right talent strategy, little will change once everyone has (more…)

Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team: The Champ (and the Chip)

The more we understand what drives people to be successful, the more successful we can be. Makes sense, right? After all, how much can we really excel in life if we don’t help others do the same? In their continuing series on the Psychological Profiles (more…)

Case Study: Asurea Streamlines Hiring and Increases Sales Agent Productivity with Chequed

“With Chequed, we added the right assessment and improved out process to achieve a 188 percent increase in revenue per agent”  – Chris Reid, Asurea Director of Agency Sales As a leading insurance marketing organization, Asurea was growing significantly and wanted to improve its talent acquisition process. (more…)

For a Better Process, Ask the Candidates

Too often, we get caught up in simply executing the hiring process and consequently forget to truly investigate its efficacy – including the impact it has on the candidate. “Is our screening process a positive, productive experience for candidates?” The answer to this question is an important one (more…)

What is Organizational Culture?

Culture is a system where individuals have a shared meaning of values, beliefs, and common ways of viewing objects and events. Accurately capturing your organization’s culture can lead to dramatic insights about your company. Even further, defining your culture will allow you to hire future (more…)

Should the Dunbar 150 Dictate Your Networking?

The type of big network development that exploded when Facebook emerged in 2004 is becoming more popular again as companies turn to social media for recruitment during a busy job market. According to a survey released by Jobvite, 93% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to (more…)

Finding the Right Candidate Through a Proprietary Database

Finding candidates has never been easier. Between social media, employee referral programs and other web-based platforms, creating a massive applicant pool is a no-brainer. Finding the right talent, however, is a growing challenge despite it’s increasing importance. Download the whitepaper to learn: What types of proprietary databases can be (more…)