What do Senior Management Employees Have in Common?

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Are they workaholics or do they prefer to work out? Are they sharp dressers or do they prefer more casual attire? A lighthearted, newly-released survey from CareerBuilder surveyed 552 executives (hiring and human resources managers in senior leadership positions including CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Senior (more…)

What Makes a Great Leader?

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When hiring for upper management positions, do leaders look for proven entrepreneurial spirit, management ability, a track record of growing companies or all of the above? Surely, it depends on the job at hand, but what are some of the most coveted qualities to have (more…)

Are you ready for 2015’s Workplace Trends?

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It’s right around the corner, but are you ready? For the past three years, Dan Schawbel, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success,” and contributing author to Forbes & Inc. has put together a (more…)

The Foundations of Personality

What Every Recruiter and Hiring Manager Should Know About Personality “Personality refers to what a candidate will do in a given situation, as opposed to what they can do or, more specifically, what their learned skills are.”   For decades, conventional HR wisdom has associated certain types of (more…)

If You Don’t Hire the Right Candidate Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

The hiring process is an odious one. From sorting through dozens of unqualified applicant resumes to interviewing a friend’s son who came “highly-recommended”; it’s enough to make any hiring manager or human resource professional’s head spin! It also means that the potential for hiring a (more…)

Innovations in Predictive Talent Selection™ is the only company to provide pre-hire assessment’s, structured interview guides,automated reference checking and detailed analytics to help improve your Return on Hire™ in one integrated offering. Learn how a collection of talent selection tools can drive incremental predictability to your hiring process and ultimately: Dramatically (more…)

What Does ‘Predictability’ Really Mean?

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How utilizing incremental predictability can give you psychic-like abilities in making the right hiring decisions  As familiar as today’s generations are with a reference to the infamous Miss Cleo, this era of entrepreneurs and start-ups is also no stranger to the concept of predictability. In fact, (more…)

Sales Manager or Serial Killer? How to Better Predict Who You’re Really Hiring

Hiring is a tricky ordeal. We cast out a wide net through job positing sites, social media, and our friends’ friends hoping that among the plethora of applicant responses we get back there will be at least one top performer to choose. Unfortunately, there are (more…) CEO to Participate in Rensselaer Lally School of Management & Technology Business Analytics Panel

Experts from Boston Analytics, Chequed, IBM, and Treo Solutions will share insights about emerging analytics trends and also discuss how organizations use the tools to create value  SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – April 22, 2013 –, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection™ solutions, (more…)

Gamification in Hiring: Reduce Employment Roulette

How gamification in hiring makes the process more engaging for applicants and leaves employers with less of a gamble When done right, hiring a new employee is like winning the lottery. Not much effort goes into it, yet you receive an extremely valuable reward. Unfortunately, the (more…)