Screening for Culture Fit –’s ChequedTV

We all know, when conducting employee screening, how critical culture fit is. But do you know how to really screen and interview effectively for it? Maybe you do, but do you other hiring managers. In this edition of ChequedTV we explore why (more…)

Christa Foley, Recruiting Manager,

How does Zappos maintain its storied corporate culture? In the year and a half since Amazon’s acquisition of the online shoe retailer, its culture and customer loyalty are as strong as ever. Click the player below to listen to an interview with Christa Foley, Recruiting Manager (more…)

Tony Hsieh: Bad Hires Have Cost Zappos Over $100 Million

Thing bad hires aren’t costing you that much. Think again says Tony Hsieh, Founder of online retailer Read the article here. Maybe it’s time to relook at your candidate screening process.